The Teachers

Kelly Farina

Kelly FarinaIf you can imagine the ripple effect that you can see in water, I’d say that is essentially how you could explain my practice and life with yoga. I began practicing yoga in 2006. It didn’t take long till I started to see the effects of how the practice truly played into my life. I now practice everyday and I still find myself growing. I’ve become, and still become, more self aware and more aware of my truth. When I look back from where I was to where I am now, I realize that, for me, I was not living a good fulfilling life. I was not living the life I wanted to live. It was with this start of a yoga practice that I could not only see the life I wanted to make for myself, but have the confidence and faith to take the steps necessary to live that life.

My next step in that journey was to become a yoga teacher. I received my 200 hour RYT with Sumit Banerjee. I continued to practice with him and teach. Soon enough, the awareness that I began to find interpersonally and on the mat started to spread into my life. I started to see the circles, as you would a stone dropped in the water, expand. Starting from the middle and touching far out places. I made a lot of change. Looking back and comparing, it’s as if I have had two bodies. One before I started to practice and one after. Not only did my body change, but I found my voice. I found it in a room of 50 plus people. It sounded confident with passion and drive. I found that with this voice I could serve others. I loved it.

I recieved my 100 hr power yoga certification from Shanti school of yoga with Johnna Smith. This is a woman who stands in her power and teaches that way as well. A great inspiration. After her training, I really felt I was teaching from a deeper place from the core. Once again, the ripple effect started to come to my mind. Expanding and growing stronger with each challenge I faced.

Throughout my experience with yoga, I have learned so much from many different teachers. Sid Mcnairy, Lindsay Lusignea, Gillian St. Clair, and Page Hart have made a huge impact on me. I fell in love with Power yoga because it keeps me strong healthy, grounded, and it is always challenging. I feel now I am living the life I love. Yoga, prayer, time with loved ones and meditation are my tools for happiness and health. My goals are to find peace in any situation, hold a space at our studio for love, and to see the power that lives within each of us to realize our dreams and life’s purpose.
Shakti love

Lauren Farina

Lauren FarinaMy Yoga journey started the first day I practiced. I walked off my mat and took note of the effects that it had on me. How it made my body sweaty and hot, but more than that was the sense of peace and contentment that I felt with the present moment. I rolled up my mat and realized that I could do anything, be anybody, and could share the peace and love with everyone.

As my practice progressed, my body began to change for the better. I was more aware of my body. I was more awake. When I was more awake I could see the role I was playing in my relationships. I started to build better relationships. I wasn’t so reactive throughout my days and in times of stress. I realized things like how I love turning things into songs. Yeah, I totally like turning things into songs. “Imagine all the people… holding their down dogs”. It’s too bad I don’t really know how to sing- and that’s okay, because yoga has also taught me how to accept where you are in life. It would be nice if everyone was more aware, more awake- it’d definitely be more peaceful.

I did a 200 hour hot yoga teacher training to start and then followed it with a 100 hour teacher training at Shanti School of Power Yoga. My skills were progressing, especially my “OM”. After the 100 hour teacher training, it seemed like my “OM”s were shaking the building. Well, it at least brought the attention of all the other students in the room with their softer “OM”s. All this to say, I started to really resonate with feeling empowered. I started to feel like I was shining. Just like Nelson Mandela said: “Who are we, not to shine?”. I started to understand and see even more. To this day my intention for my students is to have them leave feeling empowered by their own strength and power so they can shine their light on the world.

I met Sid McNairy along my journey and I was immediately inspired by him. I attended one of his classes and left feeling a fire lit within me. He became a real mentor to me. I was drawn to his way of teaching. How he would flow us through a class but teach us lessons as we would move. Reminding us to trust the process, be present, and hold ourselves accountable. Accountable for our dreams, our desires, and our goals. I continue to train with Sid and travel to attend his workshops, and I finally attended his Empowerment and Beyond program in Nicaragua. It was when I left there I knew, it was time. It was time to reach for my dreams and try to bring empowerment and peace to others. To help them shine on their own path.

Kelly and I knew we always wanted to work together and now is our opportunity. She’s my sister and my best friend, and now my business partner. I couldn’t be more grateful for her and where we are going together.

Rebecca Carey

Rebecca CareyYoga took root in Rebecca’s life when she discovered that practicing yoga could leave her feeling physically and mentally refreshed and rejuvinated. Rebecca also realized the benefits of this practice extend much deeper than physical and mental, and discovered the profound spiritual blessings inherent to yoga. She fell completely in love and continued on a path to explore and expand her practice and knowledge of this wonderful way of life. After years of practice and filled with a strong desire to share yoga with others, she completed her 230 Hr. Teacher Training at the Asheville Yoga Center in North Carolina under the guidance of Stephanie Keach and Shala Worsley. Rebecca is also a certified Yin Yoga teacher. She has completed an additional in-depth training in Vinyasa Flow, and is currently pursuing her 500 Hr. Teaching Certification.

Rebecca’s teaching style is influenced by an eclectic blend of yoga traditions, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Jivamukti Yoga. In her classes, students are inspired to create space, balance, and freedom in their bodies, minds, and spirits as well as tap into creativity and strength. Rebecca’s yoga classes balance the range of physical intensity from dynamic to restorative, allowing all students to explore their own unique yoga practice. She encourages students to dive deeper into their practice by bringing their awareness inward and to the breath, listening to themselves to explore more deeply the connection to higher wisdom and bliss held within us all.

Rebecca is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology.

Nicole Gheorghe

Nicole GheorgheI attended my first yoga class at the age of 9, and although yoga had always been present in my life, it wasn’t until college that I realized it was actually the greatest gift I had ever received. I am eternally grateful to my mother who introduced me to this practice at a young age, and my teachers who have encouraged me throughout my journey.

Yoga has taught me contentment and discipline. My daily practice helps me maintain balance and clarity in all aspects of my life. Every time I step onto my mat I am reminded that each breath is a chance to make a change. Every day is a new challenge and a new opportunity. When we quiet the mind and listen to the breath, somehow the heaviness of life vanishes, and the answers are revealed! I feel truly blessed that I have the opportunity to share this gift with anyone willing to get on the mat and just breathe.

Liz Veyhl

Elizabeth Porter VeyhlLiz stumbled into her first yoga class in 2005, insistent that yoga was not going to be a “sport” for her. She had no idea how quickly she would be hooked, loving both the challenge of the physical practice and the mental release following each class. Those two components continue to draw her back to the mat.

Liz has completed over 300 hours of training with Baron Baptiste and continues to train and learn from the Baptiste community and others offering similar styles, including Live Love Teach founders Philip Urso, Debbie Williamson and Stacy Dockins. Liz has taken over 130 additional hours through the LLT program.

Liz teaches an invigorating power vinyasa-style class that she developed through these formal trainings as well as nearly a decade of being a student herself. A native Nashvillian, Liz draws inspiration from the many talented teachers she has practiced with in her hometown. She also learns a great deal from her own students and hopes to challenge and inspire them to seek personal growth both on their mat and in everyday life.

When she’s not in the studio, you might find Liz on the lake where she brings her love for yoga and the outdoors together by teaching yoga on stand-up paddleboards. She also enjoys spending time in the company of good friends, her husband Jake and their dog, Austin. She works professionally in sports marketing and enjoys playing a variety of sports as well.

Laurie Rice

Laurie RiceLaurie Rice came to Nashville from California and loves to teach hot yoga in the deep South! She has been a student of yoga for four years and decided to deepen her practice with a 200 hour RYT teacher training in the summer of 2012. She was inspired by what she learned, how she grew physically and spiritually, and the amazing teachers she met during the process.

Laurie loves to share yoga with others, always learning from her students. She believes there is a strong connection between the body and the soul and loves that yoga aligns the two. Laurie is married to a fellow yogi and is raising three future yogis of her own.

Sara Norris

Sarah began practicing yoga in 1998, when she took her first class at Mexico’s Rancho La Puerta. In 2004, she became certified to teach Hatha yoga after completing the 200-hour teacher-training program at New York’s Integral Yoga Institute. Subsequently, she’s participated in numerous yoga workshops focused on practicing and leading vinyasa, hot flow, restorative, and other styles. She taught privately in Manhattan for six years while earning her Master’s degree in creative nonfiction writing at Sarah Lawrence and working as a writer and arts editor. In 2010, she temporarily relocated to Baja California, to teach yoga at Rancho La Puerta, and a year later she fell in love and moved to East Nashville. Currently, in addition to teaching and writing, she’s studying massage therapy


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